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Great marketing starts with collaboration.

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Chapter 1

Building amazing practices didn’t happen in a day. It took a lot of hard work (and coffee)

to bring our thoughtful, supportive, and personal marketing plans to life. It started with seeing too many great dentists we knew get lost online, or shell out for ‘proprietary marketing systems’ that just didn’t work.

Chapter 2

We talked to as many dentists as we could, ready to tackle the problem head-on.

We teamed up to create Think32—bringing together everything we already knew about dental and marketing, ready to make a difference to the dentists we knew and worked with every day.

Chapter 3

We compile your individual treatment plan with precision and care.

Across every facet of marketing, we’re working with dentists to create new patients and build a foundation for positive practice transformation.

We’re not ‘agency people’ who decided to niche into the dental market because that’s where the easy money was.

We’re not ‘agency people’

who decided to niche into the dental market because that’s where the easy money was.


We see too many dentists being sold ‘snap on smile’ marketing by so-called agencies who are more interested in making a dollar than raising the profile of a practice. That’s not who we are.

We only doremarkable

We’ve all seen them: blog posts nobody wants to read, clunky sites. Copy-and-paste marketing campaigns. No thanks. At Think32, we always push for the best possible result.

We’re changingperception

Imagine if we could inspire the 70% of people who don’t regularly visit the dentist to start seeing the value of proactive dental care? As your personal marketing managers, that’s our goal.

Here’s everything we don’t do

  • Sit back after you paid us and make you write your own website
  • Charge you for SEO but not explain what it is
  • Random acts of marketing without a solid strategy
  • Dental marketing templates, ‘patented’ systems, or jargony digital hacks
  • Tell you to fork out for spammy backlinks that get you on Google’s naughty list
  • Go for quantity over quality with loads of low-value enquiries that go... nowhere
  • Cheapen your business with dodgy discounts or offers

We're tooth people

through & through

Every aspect of your work is personally quality controlled by us: Ariana and Renee. We never endanger your practice by (offshore) outsourcing your marketing to a third party.

Dental marketing specialist - Ariana Rosado

Ariana Rosado, Co-Founder

Loves seeing ideas find their voice through fab strategy. Instinctively knows what’s next. Often overheard saying, “We can make good, great” and, “Know what’ll level this up? Not Raleway font."

Dental marketing specialist - Renee Phillips

Renee Phillips, Co-Founder

Lives for more patients and smiling dentists. Knows when it’s time to try something bold, and when it’s better to keep taking baby steps. Gets it done. And always orders the larb.

Helana Alemao

Marketing Projects Coordinator

Lisa Zilberpriver, Copywriter

Grant Maskell, User Experience Designer

MARTY LOCHMANN, Photographer

Marty Lochmann, Photographer

ANDRE, Team Wellness Officer

Andre, Team Wellness Officer

Stop hustling.
That's our job.

We work as an extension of your team to create a holistic marketing plan designed just for you.

We don’t spruik systems or ‘secrets’. We don't rely on gimmicks. We deliver thoughtful marketing, done right the first time.

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